Body Piercings

Piercing Services

  1. Lobes
  2. Tragus
  3. Anti-tragus
  4. Conch
  5. Helix
  6. Forward Helix
  7. Shen Men
  8. Daith
  9. Nostril
  10. Septum
  11. Navel
  12. Industrial
  13. Monroe
  14. Medusa

All piercings performed with a hollow needle.
Sterilized high polish implant grade jewelry used for initial piercing.

By appointment only.

Ages 12+. Notarized consent required for minors. ID required.

Kassie just did my nose piercing and it was such a simple and easy process and she’s so kind! Her place is very welcoming, clean and relaxing. Highly recommend!

Elia Suggs

Auricular Therapy Divine Acupuncture Florida

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